I Shaved My 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Face, and Here’s a Painful Reason Behind It

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11 months ago

Vidya Gopalan is a 38-year-old mom of two. She regularly shares videos of her and her daughter, Sahana, 12, with her over 2.1 million followers on TikTok. Recently, one video of hers went viral, with nearly 30 Million views. What was happening there, touched the hearts of millions of parents and made them want to applaud the caring mom.

Vidya shaved her daughter’s face for a serious reason.

Vidya Gopalan has been praised for letting her daughter shave her upper lip and eyebrow. The mom herself was made fun of as a child, and she says she didn’t want her daughter to experience the same unfair attitude.

The North Carolina-based mom took to TikTok and posted a clip of her shaving her daughter’s Sahana eyebrows and upper lip because Vidya’s mom didn’t allow her to shave when she was Sahana’s age.

In a viral video, which already collected over 29.9 million views, the doting mom helped Sahana remove her facial hair so that she wouldn’t get teased, and the viewers highly praised the mom.

“Ain’t no way you are getting teased for your beautiful thick Indian brows,” the mom-of-two said in the clip. While shaving Sahana’s eyebrows and upper lip with a razor, Vidya shared why she decided to help the 12-year-old remove the facial hair. “I remember getting made fun of when I was your age,” Vidya said. She noted that it was because she had thick brows and facial hair.

Viewers flooded the comments section and said that the mom-daughter relationship “warmed their hearts.” Many users confessed they have gone through the same situations.

One person wrote, “I used to get teased because of my body hair at school. People always say ’Don’t listen’ but it’s hard when we live in a society that judges everyone.”

Another user added, “I love that you allow her to do this. Lots of moms think they’re altering their babies, but it’s about confidence and self-care!”

“My mom did this for me. I was teased for hairy arms and her mom didn’t let her shave. Your daughter will always thank you for this,” another user wrote.

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