21 Pets and Their Irresistibly Adorable Mini-Mes

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The scientists from the University of Leeds have discovered that watching videos and images of sweet animals can help reduce stress levels by up to 50%. Imagine how warm you’ll feel when you see photos of animal mommies who are full of love and care. Even the coldest person can drop a tear of emotion from these photos.

At Bright Side, we were touched by the photos of these mommies and decided to show them in this article. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus: a warm story that proves even a human can become an animal’s mom.

1. This cat mommy covers the kittens with her body during the rain.

2. “So, there was a little excitement in my chicken coop this morning, right on schedule.”

3. “Look what I made! Are you proud of me?”

4. “I saw a touching moment between mother and child the other day at the animal park.”

5. “My cat gave birth today. She cuddles them and looks so content!”

6. There is nothing to be afraid of with such a big mommy.

7. A wild baby elephant is sleeping under their mommy who covers them from the scorching sun.

8. It’s so nice to sit on your mommy’s back.

9. Even if you manage to get all fours into the bowl, no one will say a word to you because your scary mommy will always protect you.

10. “I started volunteering at the animal shelter 2 weeks ago. I brought home my first foster family today: a mommy and her 6 3- week-old babies.”

11. Your mommy is your main protection and disguise.

12. “Good job, Momma. We weren’t expecting 3!”

13. “My bull terrier loves his mommy.”

14. A proud mom of 2 lambs

15. “It’s Luna’s first birthday today, and her mommy Pixie has always taken very good care of her.”

16. “Our cat, Ada, gave birth 2 days ago.”

17. “Oh, make it stop.”

18. “Happy”

19. “Just one of the guys”

20. “My foster mama Ellie had her babies yesterday — apparently, she came with a whole lab sampler pack!”

21. “Managed to take this cute picture of my husky and her pup snuggling up together!”

Bonus: Sometimes even a human can become a real cat mommy.

“I was cutting down a tree on my farm when I heard a series of meows coming from the bushes and stumbled across these 7 kittens who had been left on my property. I just ran to the feed store and got some formula in their bellies. They are soooo cute!”

Do you have kittens, puppies, or maybe little tortoises? Share their photos in the comments below.

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Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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no one can give as much love as a mother! Very sweet photos 😉


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