16 Photos That Will Take You to the Zen Master Level

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A symmetrical plant, untouched snow, and a perfectly organized bookshelf. These are just some examples of visually satisfying things that capture our attention and so often soothe our minds. But some take luck and others take work. So we’ve created this compilation to help you put your troubles away, even if it’s just temporary.

Bright Side put together a few of the most pleasing photos we could find. The ones that are perfect for helping you relax and recharge.

1. The way snow accumulated on these roofs and backyards.

2. You don’t even have to lie down to relax.

3. A shell and a girl’s ear that were just meant to be

4. “The curves in this freshly set concrete walkway”

5. “My nails are the exact same shade as this flower.”

6. “The perfect symmetry of this plant.”

7. “The TV cord perfectly lined up with the microphone cord on the screen.”

8. A piece by artist Adam Hillman

9. And another one

10. “These tires that were loaded on our truck”

11. “I cleaned the playroom.”

12. “The way my closet separates this light.”

13. Satisfaction level: Extreme

14. “A cloud is resting on the tree branch!”

15. “This desk in my university library is made up of perfectly fitted book ends. All real books too.”

What is something you see that makes you feel relaxed? Have you taken any oddly satisfying photos yourself? Share them all with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit DrFetusRN / Reddit


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#4 is actually a cool DIY idea for original cuffs, can be remade out of polymer clay or so ?


Number 6 gave me LIFE!!!! What a beautiful color and flower ?


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