16 Shoes It’s Hard to Believe Anyone Would Ever Wear

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Shoes have evolved a lot through the years, and while they may have started as simple footwear, they have turned into real fashion statements. There is such a massive variety out there for everyone to choose from that designers feel that they can take a few risks. That’s how we end up seeing pairs that don’t look very conventional or easy for everyday life. Or perhaps there are some people out there who have the courage to wear some of these shoes outside their homes.

1. Teacup “Alice Malice” cake pumps

2. “Just ordered my sushi wrap 11s, and I know you all are jealous.”

3. Don’t they look comfortable?

4. “You best not be touching my new McSneakerz.”

5. “Couldn’t even think of a clever title, so here is a shoe with Barbie heads in it seen at my local mall.”

6. “Seen on a dude on in Tokyo. Would you rock these?”

7. “How many toes are in this photograph?”

8. “What my mom does with old shoes”

9. “Yellow socks in transparent shoes”

10. Kitchen shoes

11. “When one rock in your shoe isn’t enough”

12. “What do you think of my wooden shoes, ’klompen?’”

13. “Never thought I’d see shoes that look like actual camel toes, yet here we are.”

14. “These 3-D printed shoes”

15. “My work secret Santa got me fish shoes.”

16. Gucci’s hairy slippers look cozy, right?

Do you have any weird pairs of shoes, and if so, what is it that makes them so weird?

Preview photo credit Etsy.com, 816kc / Reddit


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actually, I'd rather see imagination in fashion than the same old boring stuff. I reckon most of them are brilliant, arbite a tad impractical.


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