16 Sweet Souls Who Never Shy Away From Being Kind

2 years ago

Some people won’t hesitate to offer a helping hand, be it to a fellow human or an animal. The kind gesture can be however small, from a left-handed set of silverware for a left-handed guest to giving a turtle a much-needed gulp of water. It’s the intent that matters, and it can be appreciated by just about anyone.

Bright Side greatly respects these people, and we won’t let these heroes go unsung.

1. “My sister saved 3 squirrels from the hurricane and named them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.”

2. “A Polish firefighter giving water to a turtle rescued from a fire in Greece”

3. “Nurse Bailey is on duty and takes her job very seriously.”

4. “My buddy and I decided to donate some art to our local McDonald’s. Live your dream.”

5. “The left was from 5 days ago before I adopted him. The right was earlier today. I am so lucky I adopted him.”

6. “The neighbors heard we were sick. I hear a knock on the side door and walk outside to see this!”

7. “The servers at this restaurant noticed I was a lefty, and they laid out a set of left-handed silverware.”

8. “Leaving for work when I found 3 strangers helping free a squirrel that somehow got his head stuck between the pickets of my fence (squirrel and fence were fine).”

9. “We were getting rid of a desk when the little kid next door came out with his mom and said he wanted it. This is the note he wrote us thanking us for the desk.”

  • Text: “Thank you sooo much for the desk! I love it sooo much! I use it a LOT!!!”
    “Thank you for the desk! He LOVES having his own workspace.”

10. “Our donut blew, and we had a tire in the backseat but no jack. This awesome guy had a jack and was kind enough to put it on.”

11. “Just moved 7 of these little guys off the road.”

12. “Fixed my makeup after ugly crying from the gift my husband gave me.”

13. “Bought a used car from an older gentleman and found this after I got home.”

  • Text: “Wanted you to start with a full tank of gas!”

14. “I love going to metal shows.”

15. “The aftermath of freeing it from being suffocated”

16. “My girlfriend surprised me with flowers and a cupcake yesterday, just because. ♥ I’m a lucky dude.”

What picture was the most heartwarming for you? Have you ever experienced random acts of kindness or committed them yourself?

Preview photo credit Josephwalker_28 / Twitter


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