16 Witty People Who’ve Found Some Outstanding Ways to Hack Life

3 years ago

We admire people who found the secret keys to life because we can use their experience to our advantage and make every day brighter.

At Bright Side, we find new cheats every day that help us in different areas of our lives. That is why we couldn’t pass by these 16 heroes who definitely know a little more than we do.

“The guy in front of me didn’t stand a chance.”

Extreme life hack for open shoes that are too narrow

He just ruined the intrigue.

“Before you throw a non-working dryer out, get a screwdriver and open it up.”

Why move when you can do this?

“Some socks require a month to be fully dry.”

“I used a solar panel and a motor so I wouldn’t have to paddle.”

“I bought a used toy for my kids at a garage sale. I guess they didn’t have any C batteries. They did have an AA battery and a wood dowel though.”

Life hack for dealing with client service workers

“I see nothing wrong with this.”

“It works better than any cooling pad on the market.”

“I heard you all like fancy doors.”

A perfect option of a Christmas present

When life is a cheater

My father once left his phone on the roof of his car and it stayed there for 30 miles. “Great roads,” some will say. “What suspension!” others will say. “It just froze to the car,” my father said. © PerfPing / Pikabu

In case the windshield wiper doesn’t work properly

A life hack for those who can’t fix their sleep schedule

Maybe you also have a few good life hacks that you’d like to share in the comments below?

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