20+ People Who Decided Not to Waste Money on a Cool Thing and Made It Themselves

3 years ago

Why buy something new when you can make it yourself? This is the life motto of the heroes of our article. For example, a girl loved a Prada bag that cost €1,300. So, she decided to make a similar bag herself and save a lot of money. Another girl and her husband made a cool lounge chair together.

At Bright Side, we admire those who can make their ideas come true and save money while at it. Here are 27 works made by people with a nifty pair of hands.

“I saw a bag at the fashion show that looked like a mesh shopping bag. I loved it so much that decided to make a similar bag myself. But when I found out that it was a Prada bag worth €1,300, I couldn’t wait anymore.”

“Of course, they’re not identical. I could’ve used a thicker cord and made the handles shorter. But taking into account the fact that it doesn’t cost €1,300, I’m totally happy with the result.” © ThinkThinly / Pikabu

“I saw this sweater that cost $200 and decided that I had enough knitting skills to make it myself. I spent about $20 on yarn.”

“I painted flowers all over my scooter helmet with paint pens and sharpies!”

“I made these shoes myself.”

“Another cat tree I just finished.”

“My very first woodworking project”

“A spruce cone turning into a knife handle”

“First bralette. I loved the colors and had a blast making it.”

“The fiancé wanted a new bed, so while she was out of town, I built her one. It’s my first real attempt at building furniture and it turned out surprisingly good.”

“My husband and I made this chair together. He did all of the woodworking, and I did all of the macramé.”

“My 7-year-old finally finished his first nightstand!”

“It took him 3 months with loads of supervision, patience, and hands-on hand cuts with the saws from me, but he legit did 90+% of the work.”

“I made this jacket for my son myself.”

“I had a friend who asked me to make a cutting board, now everyone wants one.”

“I just finished knitting my first beanie! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out.”

“I made the gingham dress from Queen’s Gambit, the Netflix mini-series that I absolutely adore.”

“I completed my stepson’s dream bed.”

“Not particularly cool or well done, but today I made my first backpack!”

“My father-in-law took up woodworking when he retired. He started with pens, but now he has grandchildren.”

“I made a mid-century modern inspired walnut chair!”

“A hand-made T-shirt for a boy”

“I painted this character from Brawl Stars on a white T-shirt. My son said that his friends thought ’this dude’ was the coolest. But I have no idea who he is. The T-shirt was hand-painted with acrylic paints for textile.”

“I finished my first 100-day project! 100 days, 100 blocks, one giant quilt!”

“I made this hand-tooled leather bag with many tiny details.”

“I finally got a picture of my son in the coat I made him from a vintage wool blanket.”

“My first garment, pants!”

“My wife wanted a coffee table, so we went and built one out of recycled lumber. Total monetary investment: $4.67.”

“I’m a 16-year-old blacksmith and I forged this whale bottle opener. I hope you like it!”

“Friends, what do you think of this handmade dress of mine?”

What have you made with your own hands? Show us your work in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Prada, Dumai Tonko / DIY / YouTube


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