16 Theories That Will Make Us Look at Old Movies in a Different Light

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Watching a movie is synonymous with relaxation and enjoyment. But this is not the case for everyone because many take it upon themselves to pay attention to every detail. Afterward, theories pop into their heads, almost as if by magic. They may think of other endings, connections between films, or even possible betrayals and new villains.

1. In Cars, cars got rid of humans.

In the minds of the more creative fans, the theory resonates that the vehicles in Cars actually exterminated the human race. As it turns out, many markings in the movie suggest that before cars, humans lived on earth, but where are they? Many have imagined that the technological advancement of autonomous cars may one day make them think that we, their drivers, are not needed.

2. Professor X’s twin in X-Men: The Last Stand

This is an idea that originated after the death of the mutant. As we already know, Professor X survives the disintegration, but what many of us thought is that he actually had a twin. He is even believed to appear in the film’s post-credits scene when a hospitalized man is shown. This turns out to be the same person to whom Xavier transferred his consciousness.

3. The end of Logan is raised in The Wolverine.

If we pay attention to details, we will understand that in The Wolverine, the protagonist converses with Yukio, the mutant who can see the future. She describes to Logan the moment of his death: “I see you lying on your back... You’re holding your own heart in your hand.” As it turns out, that happens to Logan 4 years later, and his heart is his daughter.

4. In Wonder Woman, Chief is a demigod.

In Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie, Princess Diana meets Chief, a character with whom she has a conversation in a foreign language that is not subtitled. Immediately, fans investigated and, after translating the dialogue, it was discovered that Chief introduces himself to Wonder Woman as Napi, a demigod of the Blackfoot culture. Could it be that Chief is a demigod?

5. In Man of Steel, Aquaman saves Superman from drowning.

During the movie, there is a scene in which a burning oil rig collapses on Clark, who floats, unconscious, to the surface of the ocean. Our mind does not believe this is due to ocean currents, thanks to Aquaman himself. Early theories suggested that the hero sent whales to help, but the strongest hypothesis is that Aquaman himself rescued him.

6. At the end of The Thing, one of the 2 survivors is infected.

The final scene of John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece shows the characters MacReady and Childs sitting in the middle of a snowstorm. The 2 are separated, and a great tension can be felt in the atmosphere. Everything indicates that one of the 2 survivors was infected. The real question is... who?

7. In Titanic, Jack is a time traveler.

This theory holds that Jack has come to that historical moment to prevent Rose from falling off the ship and losing her necklace in the ocean. He gambles to get the ticket, investigates the location, and waits for her to appear at the stern that night.

In the end, he ends up falling in love, and although it takes place on the floating door, he decides to die, so he can return to 1997 and set up the charade of the team of experts talking to an elderly Rose. It is a pity that, due to an oversight, the jewel ends up in the water.

8. The Jurassic Park dinosaurs were never actual dinosaurs.

Another of Hammond’s lies is being uncovered. The animals in his park are genetic mixtures of different creatures until scientists manage to make them look like dinosaurs. This would explain the reason for the strange mutation of the animals in the park. Finally, in Jurassic World, they officially introduce their first genetic creation, which does not end very well.

9. In the 007 sagas, James Bond is an inherited name.

Many believe that the character isn’t immortal, doesn’t regenerate, and that the films don’t keep recycling him, but that James Bond is a code name. It is used by the Secret Service for that type of agent, just like M or Q. In reality, every James Bond retires after a while, which would explain that famous phrase of George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: “That never happened to the other Bond.”

10. Te Fiti’s heart kept Moana’s grandmother alive.

Some suspect there is a reason why shortly after Grandma gave Moana Te Fiti’s heart, she became ill and died. They said that the heart could create life, so perhaps it also kept Grandma alive until she could give it to Moana when the time came. Before that, we could always see her full of life and energy.

11. It’s a Wonderful Life is an old version of The Truman Show.

Fans believe that George Bailey, from It’s a Wonderful Life, never escapes Bedford Falls. A series of incredible circumstances always prevent him from taking the train out of town, whether it be his father’s death, his brother’s career, the impending bank failure, etc. It could be because the station was going nowhere, and a few miles ahead, a large wall the color of the sky showed the boundary of a film studio. Very similar to what happens in The Truman Show.

12. Isabella was the real villain in The Lizzie McGuire Movie.

The theory is that Paolo never lied or wanted to deceive Lizzie. We suspect that the villain in the film was, in fact, Lizzie’s own doppelgänger, Isabella Parigi. Everything Paolo says is true in the film, and he never meant to hurt Isabella, but was only trying to save his career. We see in the grand finale that Paolo’s microphone is on when he sings well, and Isabella turns it off when he starts the part where he sings badly.

13. Terminators are slaves forced to serve Skynet.

In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, we discover that Skynet put all the Terminator chips in read-only mode because it didn’t want them to learn or have any kind of independence. And, when the Terminator’s chip is reprogrammed, after a couple of days, it becomes more human and understands its situation better. The theory is that Skynet enslaved them for their genocidal cause. They are simply stuck in extermination mode.

14. Simba is responsible for the drought in The Lion King

Simba is believed to be directly responsible for the drought that Scar is blamed for. When the rightful heir abandons his people and takes the wisdom of the past kings with him, the flora of the place disappears.

“The previous kings, like Mufasa, are in the sky and in the clouds, leaving to follow the true king. Simba spent years with Timon and Pumba in what looks like a tropical paradise that obviously received a lot of rain. Then, when he returns to the Kingdom Lands, the clouds follow him, and it starts raining soon after Simba takes the throne that belongs to him,” comments a fan.

15. The boy playing with Woody in Toy Story 2 is Andy’s dad.

On the tape, there is a video of a Woody puppet singing and a little boy approaching the puppet and hugging him. Many fans suspect that the boy in the video is Andy’s dad, who went to a convention where he bought Woody and played with him as Andy did later. Remember that Andy’s mom mentions Woody is an old family heirloom.

16. Chris Pratt could be the villain of Passengers.

Passengers can be perfectly understood as a thriller. A woman wakes up and is locked in a ship, destined to live with a man for the rest of her days. Resigned to her future, she ends up falling in love with him.

But halfway through the film, she realizes that all this time, it was he who woke her from her lethargy. If the movie had started from her perspective, Chris Pratt would be the psychopathic villain of the story, not the hero.

A new sequel could be made with many of these fan theories. What is the craziest theory you’ve come up with from the movies you’ve seen?


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