17 Animals Who Can Make You Laugh Even If You’ve Had a Bad Day

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Animals have great power. Pets can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost your mood. Moreover, they can become a way to build a bridge for certain social interactions. The benefits to your physical and psychological health are huge, and we’re thankful that we have these little creatures in our world.

1. “I looked outside the window one day to see this.”

2. “My puppy is 99% sure he is hiding fully.”

3. “This cow I saw the other day while I was on a run”

4. “Our Halloween cat”

5. “My sister’s and my pups making a puppy sandwich”

6. “This is Finn caught between the screen and the glass.”

7. “He thinks we can’t see him. He waited there for 2 minutes before he pounced on his sister and stole the toy.”

8. “She could not handle the distance of a glass door.”

9. “His reflection is the greatest.”

10. “Noodle saw a bug fly into the lamp and proceeded to stand like this staring directly at the lightbulb for the next 20 minutes.”

11. “I saw this cutie on my walk yesterday.”

12. “An otter checking for any fish it can steal from me”

13. “He got stuck.”

14. “Every time they’re in the car...”

15. “A hawk stole and then clumsily dropped a bagel.”

16. “He who eats the sock wears the sock.”

17. “I caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity.”

How many pets do you have? How do they make your life better?

Preview photo credit raspberry_onion / Reddit


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