17 Animals Whose Emotions Drive Us Crazy

3 years ago

Who are you today: a sloth or a pig that has stolen 18 beer cans? Or probably a photogenic koala? If this question seems absurd to you, then simply look at the animals from our compilation — it’s hard not to recognize yourself or your friends in them.

We at Bright Side found 17 funny animals that look just like humans. Some of them even share the same hobbies — a bonus at the end of the article will prove it to you.

“Found my girlfriend’s dad’s spirit animal.”

He woke up and started to get off the couch then went back to sleep like this...

Me during the long-awaited weekend.

Why can’t I come to the gym and just sit?

When you have too many problems to solve:

The aroma of food awakened the ancient evil:

It probably had a bad day:

“This dog named Wafer is my spirit animal.”

My face when I win a bet:

I have 99 problems but I’m gonna sleep and ignore all of them.

That’s me on Fridays:

When a girl poses for a new Instagram photo:

When your granny gives you some money but your mother says, ’Don’t give him anything."

“This baby elephant getting into a tub is my spirit animal.”

When you are watching a wildlife channel and suddenly recognize yourself:

Her: Honey, which animal do you associate yourself with? A wolf? A tiger? A leopard?


When your wife starts off on the wrong foot:

Bonus: A little girl watching TV with her 12 ft long pet snake

Which of these is your spirit animal? Please tell us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Brigitta Moser


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