17 Confusing Pictures That Will Probably Mess With Your Mind

year ago

Sometimes photos taken accidentally can become mind-bending. These images challenge our perception of reality and leave us wondering if what we are seeing is real or an optical illusion. We have gathered 17 pics that can make us question our own eyes and leave us feeling bewildered by playing with perspective, color, or a coincidence of events.

1. “This picture of a man with a beard looking straight up.”

2. “Cat or bird?”

3. “Conjoined doggos”

4. “My friend has a beard — he looked up today.”

5. “My cat sleeping on my headless cat”

6. “Looks like foot x-ray vision.”

7. “Henlo”

8. “I took a picture of a glitter-coated waterdrop sitting on a feather.”

9. “This little bug guy was just hanging out on my storm door.”

10. “Inline-Cat”

11. A hotel room (it’s not a mirror)

12. “My son found this at our local dollar store and I’m so confused.”

13. “A broken tube TV at my work has ‘GAME OVER’ burnt into the screen.”

14. “Watercolor painting”

15. “The bookmark my husband got me.”

16. “A cloud... maybe”

17. “I took a pic of a popped kernel I found under my microwave.”

Preview photo credit ivanavich / Reddit, arma7x / Reddit


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