17 Crafty Geniuses Who Don’t Know What “Impossible” Means

3 years ago

Believe it or not, there are people who are just unaware of the concept of “impossible.” They just don’t include that word in their vocabulary, and this article is proof of it. With their ingenuity and desire to make things happen, they are able to reach the height of what only they might call practicality. I guess that’s why we call them geniuses, right?

At Bright Side, we appreciate the ability that people have to solve their own everyday problems. That is why we took on the task of browsing social media to find some of the most ingenious work done by true masterminds. Take a look!

1. The secret is to work as a team.

2. This might not be your usual super-safe ladder technique, but hey, if we take a closer look at it, it’s actually pretty ingenious.

3. “Ain’t nothin’ terrible gonna happen today.”

4. “Safety first”

5. One of my colleagues sent me this picture today...

6. “First thing I saw when I pulled up onsite...”

7. “Secured a safe walkway, boss.”

8. “The safest contraption ever made, OSHA approved. Had nowhere to put the ladder while paper wrapping the wall above the window well. The ladder is also 8 years old and missing a lot of parts.”

9. When it’s 10PM and there’s nowhere to rent a scissor lift:

10. “You see where the left wall was sloughing off? That’s where they were working.”

11. “OSHA? Never heard of her. (The ladder is on the landing of a staircase.)”

12. “This is me about 6 years ago. We were trying to measure how deep the water was to build a cofferdam around an intake pipe.”

13. Nothing to see here. Or well, almost nothing...

14. The simplest solution is most likely the best one... right?

15. “While on vacation in Egypt, I called a plumber to fix the toilet. He calmly climbs out of the window in his flip flops...”

16. When it comes to pruning plants, anything is possible... The sky is the limit, my friend!

17. What do you mean it doesn’t fit? Of course it fits!

Have you ever had the opportunity to make the impossible possible? What was your technique? Tell us about your ingenious solutions, and show this article to your friends who think some things simply can’t be fixed.


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