17 Facts About Sharon Stone — the Actress Who Was Tripped Up by the Destiny but She Didn’t Fall

2 years ago

In 2022, it will be 30 years since the release of Basic Instinct, which made Sharon Stone, one of the most attractive actresses in Hollywood, popular. The charismatic actress is famous not only for her never-fading appearance but also for having one of the highest IQs, a kind heart, her straightforwardness, and, of course, having great talent.

We at Bright Side decided to recall the most unusual facts from the life of this smart and elegant woman who has always lived by her own rules.

  • Sharon Stone was born on March 10, 1958, in a large family. Her mom was an accountant and her father was a worker at a plant.
  • The actress became a star at the age of 34 when the provocative thriller Basic Instinct was released in 1992. Before it, she was working as a model and was playing supportive roles. Woody Allen became her godfather in the world of cinema — it was in his movie Stardust Memories that Sharon debuted in a “silent” role.
  • Before Sharon, many actresses were invited or auditioned for the role of the writer, but they turned the role down due to too revealing scenes or other reasons. Michelle Pfeiffer, Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts and Brooke Shields were among them. When movie producers approved the elegant but little-known actress, Michael Douglas almost refused the role — he wanted to act with Julia Roberts. But eventually, the flick became a true sensation, and Sharon became a star.
  • After the release of the movie, Stone couldn’t get used to her popularity for some time. According to her, she was learning to distinguish herself on the screen and in life. However, before that she was a non-confident and shy girl.
  • Sharon is called of the smartest Hollywood actresses — her IQ is thought to be 154 points and her fans often compare the actress with Elon Musk whose IQ is 155. Stone was considered a wunderkind from her childhood, she entered university at 15 to study art and literature, but she didn’t graduate from it. Instead, she signed a contract with a model agency and worked in New York, Paris and Milan. It’s curious, but Sharon returned to the same university in 2016 to finally get a degree.
  • She is known as a person who is not only concerned with the world of cinema. In 2013, Stone received the Peace Summit Award for her work with people living with HIV.
  • Sharon once paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary out of her own pocket. The actress wanted him to star with her in The Quick and the Dead. The young actor was not new to cinema, but the general public didn’t know him yet. It is believed that this flick became the “springboard” in Leo’s career.
  • The first part of Basic Instinct made Sharon world-famous, while the second part brought her a Golden Raspberry Award for the Worst Actress in 2007.
  • In 2019, Sharon Stone recreated the famous scene on the chair from Basic Instinct when receiving the “Woman of the Year” at GQ Men of the Year Awards. The 61-year-old actress looked as stunning as in 1992.
  • Sharon’s only nomination for an Oscar was for her role in Casino, however, that year, it was Susan Sarandon who won the award. But this role brought Stone the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress.
  • The actress has been married twice, and she wanted to have kids a lot. She didn’t give birth to a child herself, but she adopted 3 boys. Her first son arrived in her family in 2000 when she was married to a newspaper editor, Phil Bronstein. Soon after, the actress had to live through difficult times as she had a stroke, after which she had to restore her speech, vision and ability to walk normally.
  • After health issues, her personal life started to fall apart too — she divorced her husband and Phil sued her to get custody of their son. Sharon perceived it as an act of betrayal. Trials lasted for several years and ended in favor of Bronstein — the boy stayed to live with him.
  • After the illness and the loss of her son, the actress got engaged in social work and charity related to covering the needs of people with cerebral circulation problems and helping them.
“I failed at the biggest things there are in life. I failed in my health, I failed in my marriage, I failed in everything, and I’ve picked myself up and gone on.”
  • After rehabilitation, Sharon adopted 2 more kids. She tried to make the life of the boys non-public, there are practically no photos of them on social networks. Today her elder son Roan is 22, Laird is 17 and Quinn is 15. Sometimes the actress says that she doesn’t exclude the chance of another adoption, or at least the adoption of the children of her hypothetical partner into the family.
  • Sharon doesn’t talk much about her personal life, but still, she told one funny story to the public. Recently, the actress decided to register on a dating site. Her profile was instantly blocked by administrators as they considered it 100% fake.
  • The actress has mentioned many times that there are age standards in Hollywood and that the career of actors after 40 can go down drastically. The same thing happened to her when she had to cope with the consequences of the stroke at the age of 40+, raise her kids, and hope for the continuation of her career. Nevertheless, she was invited into interesting projects, though not many. Sharon has bright and extravagant roles even today.
  • For example, in a famous series called Ratched, Sharon Stone plays the role of the mother of one of the patients in a psychiatric clinic — the glamorous sociopath Lenore Osgood.

Which movie with Sharon Stone do you like the most?


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