17 Infuriating Cases of Bosses Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed in That Position

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Everyone knows at least one person (even if it’s themselves) who dislikes or hates their boss. The reasons can vary since, many times, bosses aren’t trained properly, and they forget all about the human factor, thinking about how to make money for the business. Also, bosses oftentimes forget that their employees have a life outside of work, and they can’t be working all the time. And just because they are bosses doesn’t mean that they have a right to be disrespectful.

1. “One of a seemingly endless series of unreasonable notes left by my boss — it’s great here.”

2. “2 weeks of telling my boss the produce in the warehouse is going bad. Him: ’Don’t worry about it.’”

3. “My boss thinks these are ’perfectly fine’ tires to be driving on.”

4. He will forever be regretting this inappropriate joke.

5. Okay, so what?

6. So sorry for him...

7. How do you prove that you weren’t asleep?

8. “My ’boss’ has no regard for a customer’s expensive chair even after I told her how much it’s worth.”

9. No chairs here

10. Something for the authorities to look into...

11. Work shouldn’t be a battle ground.

12. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have too many clients.

13. But he’s not the owner, is he?

14. So, you need a break?

15. You can always do better, right?

16. Politeness isn’t something she’s aware of.

17. Why is he allowed to be a boss?

Have you ever had such a horrible boss that made life and work for you a living nightmare?

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These bosses are some really special gifts. The kind of gifts if you wanted to have an explosive migraine or a bad case of anxiety, or both...


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