17 Ingenious Ideas to Reuse Plastic Bottles

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7 months ago

Plastic bottles are something that most of us use every day as water containers. But there are many ways of giving a plastic bottle a second life. Don’t recycle — reuse them!

Bright Side’s search yielded these 17 fantastic ideas plus one cool bonus. You’ll be shocked by the downright practicality of some of these hacks.

17. Phone charger holder

A cool and easy DIY idea. You’ll never find your phone on the floor again.

16. A "lid" for plastic bags

Say "no" to impossible knots. Use plastic bottles to seal your plastic bags.

15. Bottle bag

A large water bottle turned into a bag is a great way to organize small toys.

14. Cell phone loudspeaker

An eco-friendly loudspeaker for your phone that uses recycled materials to amplify sounds. This idea doesn’t require a ton of time and skill to accomplish.

13. Sponge holder

This double-bottom sponge holder keeps a sponge dry and fresh. Any water left in the sponge will leak through the holes in the upper part. It takes just a few minutes to make your own holder.

12. Finger guard

Keep your fingers safe by making the guard shown in this video instruction.

11. Quick tea infuser

No more tea problems when you are camping. Make your own infuser by clicking here.

10. Funny pencil holder

The best way to organize your kid’s pens and pencils! You need only a couple of minutes to make it.

9. Flowerpots

A creative flowerpot will brighten up your home. Make your own in less than 10 minutes.

8. Mini greenhouse

A mini greenhouse will protect young plants from cold and drought. Do you want to know how?

7. Garden sprinkler

When your regular garden sprinkler is broken, a plastic bottle is the best way to solve the problem.

6. Mudguard

Not all bikes come with fenders, but they can be really handy to have. If you’re looking for great protection from road spray from your rear wheel, think about reusing a plastic bottle.

5. Camera lens protection

You can use a plastic bottle to cover your camera lens. Follow these instructions to make your own.

4. Faucet extender

A helpful way to use plastic bottles is to extend a faucet so you can reach the water without splashing it all over the sink. Another way to recycle these bottles without much more than scissors and creativity.

3. Yolk separator

Separate yolks from whites like a chef. Click here to see how to do it.

2. Shovel

A quick DIY shovel. It takes a minute to make it.

1. Phone cover

Are you a bicycle enthusiast who can’t imagine their life without their phone? Then you need to think about simple and smart protection for your gadget. Here’s an idea! A plastic bottle cover will protect your phone from mud and rain.

Bonus: a boat

For the true desperado in you! Find step-by-step instructions here.


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