17 Kitchen Life Hacks That Even Chefs Would Love to Know

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3 years ago

Many people think that “life hack” and “advice” are synonyms but they’re not. According to a study, a life hack is a method of doing something ordinary in a simpler and more effective way. Every person can create a life hack — you just need to have the guts to experiment.

We at Bright Side would love to make our lives easier in the areas where it’s possible. This is why we are happy that there are people that invent cool life hacks and tell the entire world about them.

1. To cut an onion and not cry, put a burning candle next to yourself

Another way: Cut an onion in half, hold it under cold water, let it rest a little, and then cut.

2. If you cut tomatoes with a bread knife, the circles will be thin and the juice won’t be all around the kitchen.

3. One-pan chicken thighs can be cooked on a wire rack over sliced potatoes. The potatoes will taste much better this way.

4. “I was able to fit 2 large packets of hot wings into a medium-sized oven dish by using wooden skewers to hold up the wings vertically.”

5. Place a folded damp cloth or tea towel under a chopping board, it stabilizes the board while you’re using it, and saves the board from slipping.

6. Food thaws faster if you set it in a frying pan. The cold conducts to the metal of the pan where it is dissipated faster.

“These chicken thighs were completely thawed in 3 hours.”

7. Use a slice of bread, plastic wrap, and an airtight container to store homemade sushi.

8. Use a tablespoon to peel a boiled egg in a matter of seconds.

9. When weighing out servings of pasta, use a napkin holder to hold long pasta.

10. Why wash greasy containers by hand if you can do it this way?

Put a paper towel in a dirty container, put some dish soap in it, and add some water. Close the lid, shake the container, take out the dirty paper towel and rinse the container. It’s done!

11. Bamboo skewers + tape = a cheap and cool sushi mat

12. “This splatter shield was too small for my pan.”

13. Keep the pasta water — it will be a great base for the sauce because of the starch in it.

Put a measuring cup in the colander to save some pasta water.

14. “I came into the kitchen and saw this rice bag after boiling. Very smart.”

“When your wife wants you to become an engineer”

15. “I saw my dad cut carpaccio and I was amazed at how simple it was when the liquid poured out of the pack”

Cut off a piece together with the pack. And you can put the small pack piece back on.

16. If you don’t have a dishwasher, you can wash greasy silicone sponge holders and plastic container tops in the washing machine.

Dirt and grease will disappear even after a short wash cycle and there will be no stains left.

17. "I call it lazy lasagna; frozen ravioli layered with sauce and mozzarella baked in the oven. Anyone else does this?

Sometimes, there are life hacks that make us think, “Come on, that’s impossible!” But then it turns out that it really works! Have you ever been in a situation like this?


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