17 Massive Objects Whose Real Size Is Revealed Only When Compared to Something Else

2 years ago

When we see an object, a person, an animal, or even a plate of food, we are normally able to tell what size it is. But, sometimes, we can only understand an object’s real dimensions when we compare it to something else. That other object that we use as a reference is precisely what serves to make us aware of the real size of what we are seeing. Anything goes: a person, a hand, a remote control. Everything in this world holds a different meaning when compared to something else. It’s only then that we suddenly open our eyes, and something that always seemed so normal, now seems huge!

So Bright Side browsed through social media looking for those things whose true size can only be seen when compared to other things. And we found several examples of items that are way, way larger than what we’re used to seeing. Just take a look and you will understand what we’re talking about.

1. It’s hard to believe that it’s possible to get these cuddly toys out of this machine.

2. This the size of a 1-year-old Newfoundland... Can you imagine how big it’ll be when it turns 10?

3. “The biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen, hand for comparison”

4. “Look at the size of these cables.”

5. “Wind uprooted a tree last night at the golf course I work at.”

6. How many salads do you think could be made with just this zucchini?

7. “Dinner-plate-sized ravioli my mom made”

8. More than a ferret, it looks like a cat.

9. “My mom stood next to the chimney of a Victorian tin mine shaft today in Cornwall, UK.”

10. “This beast of a carrot from my grandparent’s garden — 660 grams” (1.3 lbs)

11. A ceiling fan that seems to occupy (literally) the entire ceiling

12. “Don’t trust the truck, look up.”

13. “My brother and I found the granddaddy wompis Funyun.”

14. “My ship’s propellers”

15. “This cup tower I made when I was like 10”

16. “My mother in front of the Challenger just after it was built. She worked at NASA and was pregnant with me at the time.”

17. “This fat squirrel eating my pumpkins”

Do you have an object nearby that is larger than others of the same “species”? Can you compare it to something else? It’s okay if you use your own hand or body to show us the real size of it!


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