17 Parenting Hacks That Can Make Life Easier

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3 years ago

We all appreciate tips and tricks that make our lives more simple, especially those who have children! Fathers and mothers know how difficult it can be to sort out even the easiest of situations when there are little ones involved.

Today, we at Bright Side have gathered a list of life hacks from experienced and inventive parents from all over the world.

1. How to keep a child from entering a room:

If you want to limit a child's access to the room, knit this doorknob cover. In this case, you won't have to worry that the child will enter the room because the knob won't turn.

2. How to prevent socks from slipping:

Use hot glue to make any pattern on the bottom of socks to prevent children from slipping.

3. How to help a child hold a bottle:

This is a great device for children who can't hold the bottle yet.

4. How to limit screen time:

In order not to let children spend most of their time in front of the screen, you can create a reward system.

5. How to wean your child off the pacifier:

If you don't know how to wean your child off the pacifier, try this method: cut off the tip. The child won't be able to use it.

6. How to protect your hand while transporting the carry-cot:

All parents, especially mothers, are familiar with the situation when the handle of a carry-cot hurts their hand. To prevent this, you can put a soft tube on the handle.

7. How to cool down hot seatbelts in the car:

When it's hot, seatbelts heat up which can cause pain. To cool them down, spray water on them.

8. How to reduce the sound of musical toys:

When we buy a musical toy for our child, we rarely think about how irritating the sound will become. Use duct tape to reduce the sound of the toy.

9. How to get a child to take medicine in pill form:

It's often very hard to make children take medicine. You can give them candy with the medication on it.

10. How to make a flight easy:

If you are going to fly with a child and don't know how to entertain them on the way, you can make a special backpack for them. Put everything your child likes in it.

11. How to make rubber toys safe:

Rubber toys with a hole in the bottom collect water inside that leads to mold. In order to prevent this, buy toys without such holes or just close the hole with a glue gun.

12. How to travel with children:

If you are going on a trip and forgot to buy a travel pot and you don't want to take your child to the public toilet, you can take a regular pot and put in a diaper that you can easily throw away.

13. How to remove a splinter:

In order to remove a splinter, cover it with baking soda and water and put a Band-Aid on it for a few minutes. The skin and the splinter will become softer and removing it will be much easier.

14. How to reduce pain:

Children move a lot and get hurt. In order to prevent bruises, apply ice. If it's too cold, you can freeze marshmallows.

15. How to protect your things from being stolen:

In order to prevent your things from being stolen, wrap them in a regular diaper. There are very few people who would risk stealing what looks like a used diaper.

16. How to avoid backseat battles:

If you have more than one child, driving with them can be a challenge because of backseat battles. However, if you use the dividers this father created, the problem will be gone in no time!

17. How to keep sand out of your things at the beach:

You can use a fitted sheet to create a playpen and keep the sand out of it on the beach.

Do you know any unusual ways to make parenting easier? Share your tips in the comments section below!


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