17 People Who Didn’t Expect Surprises, but Life Had Other Plans

3 years ago

Life is the master of surprises and somehow knows how to present them perfectly. It can be anything from the sun shrinking our shoes to a stolen toilet. But fortunately, we know how to face our bad luck in the best way: with our head held high and a little laughter.

We at Bright Side believe that there’s a universal answer to all of life’s surprises. So let’s chuckle and sort out our failures together.

1. “My yearbook photo from my first year as a teacher”

2. “Took 2 months to receive this mushroom grow kit due to a misplaced package slip. It arrived like this.”

3. “I’m thinking, ’Whose kids were in my car?’ So I look at the shoe and it’s a size 9. THE SUN SHRUNK MY SLIDES!”

4. “My boyfriend didn’t consult me before he used regular liquid soap in lieu of dishwasher tablets last night.”

5. “Sister got some ’silver’ wrapping paper to wrap Dad’s presents...”

6. “We were really excited to use a lime from our lime tree for the first time...”

7. “Drove 4 hours, hiked 3 hours, and this was my view at the top.”

8. “Bought my first home from an estate sale. The previous owners stole the toilet after the final walk-through.”

9. “Decided to do some cooking outside during Phoenix’s 118-degree heatwave today.”

10. “The chipmunks chose a great place to store their walnuts for winter.”

11. “My brother wanted a mullet for his senior pictures but I gave him this masterpiece instead. I fixed it later.”

12. “I’ve been waiting 3 months for this.”

13. " Says it’s ’printed all over’ and deliberately has the pattern on the outside of the package."

14. “I paid extra for Amazon to wrap this surprise birthday present!!!”

15. “This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu”

16. “I’ve been buying bay leaves when there was a bay tree right outside my front door. I’ve lived here over a year.”

17. “When the Christmas card photo shoot with the sheep goes wrong”

Have you ever gotten some “happy” surprises? What were they? We’re waiting for your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit mydogismysoulmate / Reddit


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