17 People Who Thought They Were Just Staying at an Ordinary Hotel But Got Pleasantly Surprised

2 years ago

When we are at a hotel, we always feel different. The fluffy robes and clean white bedsheets quickly make us feel nice and relaxed. It’s especially nice when hotels have little treats that make our stay there even more fascinating.

We at Bright Side are always curious about the unusual details we can find in a hotel.

“The adorable dish soap that’s in my hotel room”

  • You know that YouTube channel that cooks tiny food with tiny cookware? I hope they wash their dishes with this. © aelel / Reddit

“Clever use for old rags in this hotel”

  • I’ve worked in hotels for a long time, and there’s always a big bin of old towels and rags in the back of the house. Good to see them willing to share. A lot of hotels I’ve worked at are so worried about image, that they would never show anything so used to the public. © srcarruth / Reddit

“Our hotel has face towels specifically for makeup removal.”

“The stairwell in this hotel has 2 different flights of stairs.”

“The hotel I’m staying at has a Lego model of itself.”

“My hotel shower had a water thermometer.”

“My breakfast sandwich has the hotel logo embossed on it.”

“The hotel I am staying at has a wall-mounted electric toothbrush charging point.”

“My hotel room shower has a footrest.”

This hotel has a bottle opener attached to the bathroom sink.

  • In some countries where water is not potable, they have bottle openers in the bathroom because people use carbonated water in bottles to brush their teeth and such. © ughilostmyusername / Reddit

“My hotel room has a swing.”

“My hotel mirror has a touch-sensitive antifog button.”

“This hotel serves fresh honey straight from the honeycomb.”

“Receive a surprise if you limit your room cleaning in this hotel.”

“The hotel I’m staying at still has heat lamps in the bathroom from when they opened in the 1960s.”

“Gift from hotel maintenance. A couple of chocolate treats in the shape of tools. How appropriate!”

“My hotel has different-colored embroidery on the towels, so you always know whose is whose.”

“I’ve shared a lot of rooms with my siblings, and we always get mixed up with our towels. It’s such a small thing and seems so obvious, but I’ve never seen it done before and found it, well, mildly interesting.”

What unusual things have you seen in hotels? Maybe you still have photos?

Preview photo credit EMPulseKC / Reddit


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The heat lamps are cool, my grandmother on my fathers side has hers in her bathroom as well


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