10 Comics That Prove That Being a Mother is as Easy as Racing Against a Cheetah

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3 years ago

Becoming a mother is quite a challenge for any woman. Just when we thought we had achieved some balance, we suddenly lose control of everything, and we can’t even know for sure if we’re doing things right.

Bright Side understands and admires all mothers. And although we know how hard the days can get, we also know how fun and gratifying life is after the arrival of children. We’ve created a series of comics about the struggles of a young mother to cheer you up and bring some humor into your home.

1. The contradictions of being a mother

2. When you finally have a minute to yourself and want to do everything at the same time, but the harsh reality knows what’s the only thing you really need

3. The baby starts crawling and there’s danger everywhere. What would we do without bubble wrap?

4. Don’t blame yourself, baby stores exist in a parallel dimension where our ability to think rationally vanishes without a trace.

5. Leaving your children becomes so, so hard — yes, even when it was your idea

6. “Don’t be afraid” becomes a phrase exclusively aimed at ourselves

7. When a woman becomes a mother, something about her thermal regulation begins to malfunction

8. Too much silence always means secret naughtiness — always, just give yourself some time to find it

9. Sometimes, our baby’s first word doesn’t meet the expectations

10. When it comes to candy, mothers develop a universal sense of guilt. Most of the time, they’re the only ones who worry about the chocolate they devoured in secret

What was the biggest change in your life after having a child? Which of these situations is the most relatable to you?


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