17 People Whose Guardian Angels Were on Vacation When They Really Needed Help

4 years ago

Every day is a lottery: you never know when you will get lucky and when you won’t. And your series of bad luck may start in the morning, maybe even during breakfast. For example, you wanted a sandwich and your knife decided it was tired of its handle. Or when the cake you are making just breaks into 2 pieces inside the oven.

We at Bright Side can sympathize with the people who shared these annoying situations from their lives. Maybe after you look through this compilation you will say, “I know how that feels.”

“After a 2-week-long search, I finally found my remote.”

“Wanted to bake myself a birthday cake, but didn’t have the right ingredients. Decided to wing it anyways and here is the result.”

“Any toilet seat that does this! Sit there and suddenly it feels like the world is sliding out from under you.”

“Couldn’t see right out of my contact and my eye was irritated all day. Came home and it turns out there’s a tiny hole in the middle of it.”

“When I woke up, I thought it was God greeting me in heaven.”

“Guess how old my son is.”

“My daughter got this for her birthday. Very mildly infuriating indeed...”

“I have no words.”

“So my friend has a knife that couldn’t even cut through butter.”

“Every night, like 2,000 times a night, I have to fix this.”

“Nothing like some fresh ground coffee to wake you up in the morning.”

This has surely happened to everyone.

“I was so happy to eat some noodles.”

It feels so good to take off the aluminum... Not today though.

“Hello, stupidest thing I’ve ever done”

“Got something extra in my morning coffee today.”

“It was a hot day in Tallahassee.”

Which things annoy you the most? Maybe, you’ve captured something like this on camera? Share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit Casual_Tourettes / reddit


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