17 Powerful Photos That Shoot Right Through the Heart

4 years ago

We all like to look through different pictures on the internet. Some of them make us smile, others cause indignation or laughter. But there are photos that literally make us put our lives on pause and remember the most precious things we have in life, putting everything else aside.

Bright Side has a compilation that will definitely touch your soul. Have a look and make sure we’re right.

“My dad meeting my son for the first time yesterday. I’ve never seen him so happy.”

A bride wears her wedding dress to see her 102-year-old grandma who’s in a hospice center.

“At the airport, I began to hear the soft sound of reading aloud. This man was reading The Lord of the Rings to his children and it reminded me of my mom. I hope to be that kind of parent someday.”

A boy posing with a life-sized cutout of his deceased mother at his graduation ceremony. His mother promised him that she’d be at his graduation, but she died of pneumonia last year.

“My wife recently cheated on me and filed for divorce. I gave her everything. All I wanted was our 4 dogs. Totally worth it. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.”

“My grandpa, hours before his passing, putting a smile on his newly born great-grandson.”

“My father has been hospitalized with complications from his cancer treatment and my mother wasn’t allowed to visit him. Today, his doctor let him meet her in the courtyard.”

“My dad first seeing my baby sister in her wedding dress. He is normally a tough guy. This hit us all in the feelings.”

“After losing almost everything when I was put in foster care, finding this means so much to me.”

“My dad says, ’Now I know why I’m still alive. God wanted me to meet my first great-grand-baby!’.”

A K-9 officer during a farewell devoted to his partner, a dog called Credo who died in the line of duty.

“Preparing to fight”

“It doesn’t get much better than this. Meet my daughter Fiona!”

“Every day my mom and our dogs wait on the front step for my dad to get home from work.”

“After a 10-year custody battle, today I gained full rights. For the guys going through the same process: don’t lose hope and never quit fighting.”

“Our son hit the official cancer survivor milestone.”

A boy sees his mom clearly for the first time.

It was hard to hold back the tears while creating this compilation. These stories are really touching. Which one hit you in the feelings?

Preview photo credit tripdiesel91 / Reddit


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