17 Times a Glitch in the Universe Showed Us That Coincidence Happens

2 years ago

When a piece of one puzzle suddenly fits into another puzzle it feels like a little magic has happened. Coincidence is what makes our Universe more diverse. You can find connections everywhere, you just have to be a little more attentive.

We at Bright Side try to be more attentive to our Universe and found 17 pics that show coincidence is just a part of daily life.

1. “I found a lovely cicada the moment I stepped out of the tattoo shop.”

2. There is a sandwich somewhere in this picture.

3. “My dad found a face in the pocket of his pepperoni pizza pants.”

4. “This cannot be a coincidence.”

5. Very long legs

6. “When you drop a pizza at work and suddenly have an art degree.”

7. “My grandma’s cat. The way the eyes match the colors in the background is phenomenal.”

8. It looks like a dog hugging a pillow.

9. “A spooky tree face in a graveyard.”

10. “I thought 8 pigeons were staring at me menacingly.”

11. “This pigeon casually riding a peacock”

12. “A crow hopped as I took his photo.”

13. “This bag looks like a cat.”

14. “This butterfly matches the colors of my running shoes.”

15. “On the left is the photo I posted of my boyfriend and I, on the right is his response.”

16. “My cats look almost exactly like the cats on the Fresh Step box.”

17. “The blueberry in my pancake looks like an eyeball.”

What was the last coincidence that has happened to you? What do you think about coincidences? Can they have a deep meaning sometimes?

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No: 15 your boyfriend has a cracked sense of humour...Marry him asap, he's a keeper...lol
There are So Many Adorable pics here how on earth could anyone choose in this lot?....lol

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