17 Times Humans Captured the True Nature of Cats in Just One Shot

3 years ago

They steal the food right off your plate and pretend nothing happened a second later. They shamelessly occupy your elderly dog’s bed, ruin your houseplants, and throw the puzzle you’ve been working on all day off the table. Yes, we’re talking about our beloved cats. If you’re a proud cat owner, you’ve likely witnessed your furry friend doing all these things and more.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve selected 17 pics from cat owners on Reddit that perfectly sum up what having a cat in the house is all about, and we can’t help but wonder if your cats behave the same way.

1. “Bought an orthopedic bed for the dog, he’s getting old and achy. He’s scared of the cat.”

2. “The black cat gets in the wood box, then the ginger one wants to get in too — on top, of course.”

3. “Elijah, you weigh 12 pounds and earn approximately negative $100 a month. Why are you taking up 75% of the desk chair?”

4. “I spent a week on this puzzle...”

5. Everything we needed to know about a cat and dog relationship captured in a single photo

6. “This happens every meal.”

7. “Why lie down on the cat bed when you can use the fruit basket instead?”

8. “The best pillow is an unwilling friend.”

9. “Got my first succulent. It lasted 8 hours.”

10. “What she does every time I try to game”

11. When you just want to look out the window but something goes terribly wrong:

12. The way your cat poses for a selfie with someone, and then the way they pose for a selfie with you

13. “I think I wasted money on the cat tree.”

14. “I don’t know what they’re doing, but it looks like some kind of ritual.”

15. If you want to catch a cat or 2, just leave a paper bag on the floor.

16. “He actually fell asleep like this, with his mouth fully around my daughter’s arm and claws dug in. If she moved, he woke briefly to tighten his grip.”

17. “My cat ’loves’ getting his picture taken...”

Do you have a cat? Do you often catch them showing their true colors? Share pics of your cats acting out in the comments, and let’s see whose felines are behaving the wackiest!

Preview photo credit minnimamma19 / Reddit


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