17 Times Online Shopping Expectations Folded Like a House of Cards

2 years ago

study found that online shopping makes us happy. However, those who’ve experienced the dark side of buying on the internet can’t say the same. They order a hat that, in fact, only fits one ear or a cool blanket that turns out to be something else. Food, balloons, and even flowers can become a source of regret and laughter.

We at Bright Side found 17 examples of shopping fails that will improve your mood and make you want to recheck your online orders.

1. “This mask has seen some things.”

2. “I was expecting this Stüssy Windbreaker for my husband. This is what we received for $100 and a month late.”

3. “They didn’t even try, lol.”

4. “This seat belt cover.”

5. “Saw cheese curds on their website and decided I’d give them a try.”

6. “I’m sure it’s 420 balloons but still annoyed.”

7. “My experience online shopping”

8. “This is just sad.”

9. “Um.... Old Navy? I have questions.”

10. “Box doesn’t show that there is a massive hole for the fingerprint scanner.”

11. “$75 and 7 months to receive this.”

12. “Turns out I’m not very good at online shopping.”

13. “Major fashion fail. Thought I was ordering the first. Received the second.”

14. “What I ordered vs What they sent”

15. “Looks like Cartman got exposed to gamma radiation in the lab.”

16. “Magic crystal tree”

17. “What I ordered for my friend vs What she received”

Do you like online shopping? Have you ever gotten something unexpected? You can tell us your stories in the comments.

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I have actually noticed that those huge knitted blankets never arrive normal...


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