17 Unexpected Events That Became Priceless Memories

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6 of every 10 adults consider themselves happy, according to a global survey. And the factors that spark the most joy among the respondents are their health, relationships with their partner or spouse, and their children. Clearly, at the end of the day, it’s not the material things that matter, but the special moments we share with our loved ones.

Bright Side found 17 people who shared aww-worthy pics that remind us that we can find bliss even in the simplest things and events in our lives.

1. “I think my beagle realized he was going to no longer be the baby of the house.”

2. “The look she gave me when she realized she has a twin sister”

3. “A special ’5 generations’ moment”

4. “I proposed to my girlfriend and realized that there was a heart in our shadows.”

5. “My daughter and me going on our first daddy-daughter date”

6. “My daughter went to her first-ever concert yesterday, and afterward, we ran into the band.”

“They wished her a Happy Birthday and took a photo with her.”

7. “Staying at an Airbnb and this morning, I woke up to their kitten licking my face. Instant 5-star review!”

8. “Caught my parents in a candid moment. This was the first vacation I took them on from my first salary.”

9. “My wife bought me EnChroma glasses for my birthday and I can see color for the first time!”

10. “I put a note in my son’s lunch every day. Today, at a parent-teacher conference, I found out that he kept every single one.”

11. “My cat’s face when she realized the nuggets were for her”

12. “My grandpa got to meet his great-grandson for the first time.”

13. “I’m 48 and just found out that I have a 32-year-old son. Finally met him today.”

14. “My dog wondering what to do with the new kitty who suddenly loved him.”

15. “In 2005, my family visited Vietnam and my 4-year-old brother took a pic on a water buffalo with its owner. In 2020, we returned.”

“We met the same man and the same water buffalo.”

16. “I never would’ve expected that watching our son poop would be such a parenting highlight.”

17. “The face he made when he learned that flamingos are real”

Let’s imagine that you were one of the respondents in the happiness survey — would you consider yourself happy or not? What makes you feel that way?

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