18 Amazing Things People Found in Their Attics

4 years ago

Most people don’t want to spend their precious weekends cleaning the dusty attic: it’s exhausting and very difficult. However, there is always a chance that in the piles of all that useless stuff, you will find some pleasant and memorable things, like pages from newspapers or faded photos, and some lucky folks may even find something valuable.

We at Bright Side have collected photos of 18 things that people found in the attics of their grandfathers and grandmothers. These finds are really interesting and unexpected.

1. “Cousin said he found something of mine in his parents’ attic. I might have cried.”

2. “Found this old calculator in my great-grandmother’s attic.”

3. “While clearing out my parents’ attic after my dad died, I discovered in an old battered briefcase, that from 1954 to 1957, my mom was pen pals with Peter Cushing!”

4. “A collection of reference seeds found in my grandad’s attic”

5. “I was cleaning out my grandfather’s attic and found Harrison Ford in his high school yearbook.”

6. “Moon landing newspaper I found in the attic of the house I bought”

7. Victorian doll house from the 1880s

8. “My grandfather was an MIT educated aeronautical engineer who worked for the Air Force in the 1950s. We found this picture in his attic and I really hope he took it in Roswell.”

9. “My grandparents own a set of glassware from 1911 that is made with uranium. When exposed to UV light, it glows green.”

10. Never underestimate cleaning out your grandparents’ attic...

11. “WWI satirical map of Europe — found in my grandparents’ attic years ago”

12. “Just found these in my grandparents’ attic. Best ornaments ever?”

13. “Clearing out my grandparents’ attic and found this weird box. Any ideas?”

14. “My wife found these straight razors in her grandparents’ attic. They still feel super sharp.”

15. “Found in my grandparents’ basement. What is this?”

16. “My ’80s iPod was still in the attic.”

17. “Found this up in my mom’s attic, along with a bunch of tapes from when my brother and I were little.”

18. “Got roped into helping clean out my grandparents’ attic, glad I did now...”

What interesting things have you gotten from your grandparents?

Preview photo credit JCordes / Reddit


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I don't think that number 9 is safe.. I wouldn't drink from that


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