18 Enigmatic Photos That Show a “Hidden” Side of Common Things

2 years ago

Most of the objects that surround us are part of our daily life and, for that reason, we usually lose interest in them. But if we look at things from another perspective, they can attract our attention with hidden shapes or silhouettes.

Bright Side is showing you 18 images from web users that reveal the “hidden” side of common things.

1. “Hmm... Did anyone else not know about black garlic?”

2. “This is how a cow’s mouth looks inside.”

3. “The inside of a hose looks like a water balloon.”

4. “A wasp nest was made on the window.”

5. “Corn smut from my garden”

6. “A dry bag that holds my tent has a constellation guide sewn in.”

7. “Found out I could see my veins while I was testing my Wyze camera for water damage.”

8. This is what the inside of a sewing machine looks like.

9. “Interior and controls of my Quay crane/ship to shore crane”

10. “She’s got 2 sets of bottom fangs at the moment!”

11. “A CT scanner but without all the white plastic covering it”

12. “My vitiligo under black light”

13. “Inside the operator cab of a 240-ft tower crane”

14. “This Japanese cup reveals a photo of a woman when you add liquid.”

15. “I’ve got too many bones in my mouth.”

16. “The interior and controls of my garbage truck”

17. “A roundabout inside a tunnel in Norway”

18. An anti-shoplifting tag

Is there anything in your home that is common to you but may not be to other people?

Preview photo credit underbo***ff / Reddit


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