18 Kitchen Gadgets We’re Loving Right Now

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When creating modern kitchen gadgets, the main criteria are convenience and usefulness. The gadgets that are shown in this article will make cooking a pleasurable process and it will stop feeling like a routine for you.

Bright Side collected useful, non-expensive gadgets from online stores that will make the cooking process much easier.

1. Corn peeler

Buy for $8.99.

2. Cutlery cleaner

Buy for $7.99.

3. Herb scissors

Buy for $16.06.

4. Silicone funnel for draining water and pouring batter

Buy for $2.30.

5. Saucepans with plate holders

Buy for $1.60.

6. Holder for garbage bins

Buy for $ 1.46.

7. Knife for spiral cutting

Buy for $1.38.

8. A set of silicone caps

Buy for $6.81.

9. Silicone kneading dough bag

Buy for $5.87.

10. Dosing brush for oil

Buy for $1.19.

11. Cheese grinder

Buy for $13.99.

12. Multifunctional bottle

Buy for $5.73.

13. A sack for baking potatoes in 4 minutes

Buy for $1.39.

14. Non-spill plate for children

Buy for $3.49.

15. Sealing bag clip

Buy for $1.05.

16. A magnet timer that can be adjusted to the stove or fridge

Buy for $8.42.

17. Spill stopper lid

Buy for $6.93.

18. Fruit squeezer

Buy for $1.94.

Bonus: colander with retractable handles

Buy for $16.12.

Which gadgets from this list would you like to buy? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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