18 Napping Cats That Can Bring You a Smile as Radiant as the Sun

3 years ago

Cats are amazing creatures because they do everything in a unique way. They even sleep really well because they can feel comfortable lying on any surface. They are also OK with getting into any acrobatic poses. And this is exactly what you will see in today’s compilation.

We are sure that just like Bright Side, you love cats and other animals, and this guide on cats’ sleeping poses will definitely make your day brighter.

Pose #1: Creation of the cat

Pose # 2: Meditation

Pose # 3: At the dream wall

Pose # 4: Rule, dominate, and fall asleep wherever you want.

Pose # 5: The box of happiness

Pose # 6: A human in a cat costume

Pose # 7: Don’t let me go.

Pose # 8: Face on the table

Pose # 9: Leave me alone!

Pose # 10: Knockout

Pose # 11: Perfect balance

Pose # 12: The bat

Pose # 13: Disco man

Pose # 14: Lazy flip

Pose # 15: Don’t you dare move, human!

Pose # 16: Leaked out — slightly...

Pose # 17: The nap of the owner

Pose # 18: Absolute harmony

Bonus: Sleeping is always better with someone you love.

Which poses does your pet like to sleep in? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

Preview photo credit PostcardsToHeaven / Imgur


when cat comes to sleep with you, it's the best feeling ?

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