18 Onboard Dramas That Turned an Ordinary Flight Into Survival Training

4 years ago

A plane is a place where our trips begin, and sometimes they begin with trouble. It’s the moment you realize you’re going to spend several hours surrounded by little kids you don’t even know. It’s the never-ending chat of the passengers behind you that doesn’t leave you a single second to take a nap. And it’s the hair of your neighbor from the row in front of you, that makes you regret that they don’t allow you to take scissors onboard.

These little mishaps can make anyone upset, but the heroes of the compilation that we made for you here at Bright Side had enough courage and a good enough sense of humor to be able cope with them.

1. “Red-eye flight from Seattle to NY and I don’t know these kids. That’s my seat in the middle.”

2. When Hurley from Lost is sitting next to you on the plane to LA, and you have a strange feeling about the flight...

3. “Sister woke up on the plane to this.”

4. “The 2 women behind us talked loudly the entire flight. Took this picture thinking my son was asleep.”

5. “The humidity plus the onboard AC created this on my flight yesterday.”

6. When the toilet on your flight is that small...

7. Nothing special. Just penguins on the plane.

8. “I booked my flight online and chose the ‘Vegetarian Oriental’ meal. This is what I got.”

9. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

10. The classics of being an unbearable front row neighbor

11. “Paid $125 for window seat...”

12. “Hulk Hogan was on my flight and he sat in an exit row. Never have I felt so safe on an aircraft.”

13. That’s how you know there’s a little kid in the front seat.

14. “I was on one of those ‘Phantom flights’ today... It was eerie.”

15. “Our flight attendant insisted multiple times that my son ’turn off’ his device.”

16. Maybe it’s just us, but the way they fixed this window doesn’t really look safe...

17. “A perfectly timed flight attendant announcement froze this on the TVs and terrified the entire cabin.”

18. Here’s why you’re not allowed to take scissors onboard.

Do any of these dramas seem familiar to you? Have you ever found yourself in a funny or awkward situation on a plane? If you have a picture, please share it in the comments below!

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my first flight i got a bit scared at takeoff and calmed myself. little later, the plane shook and i literally saw chucky. maybe because I watched it day before
People who put their hair on the seats this way are just dangerous for the society ?

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