14 People That Changed Their Hairstyles and Were Either Incredibly Happy or Terribly Disappointed

year ago

Going to a beauty salon is bound to brighten your mood. Some people love their new cuts and hairstyles, but some get a hairdresser that doesn’t even try to do a good job. And for some people, new hair colors or totally new hair shapes mark the beginning of a new life.

1. “A Reddit thread is totally ‘to blame’ for this. Saw a before pic of her that looked like my hair, then saw her after pic with an edgy, shaggy cut. I haven’t changed my hair for years, and I was thrilled today to follow suit and really change it up. Thanks, girl!”

2. “Left is a salon I was recommended. Right was an actual good place. Never going there again...in love with my hair now.”

3. “Finally at the length I’ve wanted since forever. Also it makes for great insulation on colder days.”

4. “Curtain bangs baby!! I’m in love with my new style.”

5. “I got it to celebrate the end of exams — definitely makes me feel like a real-life cartoon character.”

6. Practice makes perfect: One month and 11 days later...

7. The magic power of a good haircut

8. “Throwback to one year ago when I gave my 8-year-old sister some Ombre curls and she decided to be a literal model about it.”

9. “Second time donating hair, decided to go even shorter”

10. “I love my job! I was initially really sad to cut the length (I can’t even grow mine to my bra line) but once we chopped it, I realized she was meant for short hair.”

11. “Had a rough year. Overall a rough decade if we are being honest. I hadn’t cut or colored my hair in almost 2 years because of my low mental health state. So I decided to start the new decade off right, and finally forced myself to go get my hair done. I feel really good for once.”

12. “I convinced my husband, 2 1/2 years ago, to grow out his naturally gray hair from a buzz cut to now (he’s 49). Here’s the result!”

13. “I adore drying my hair in braids! My hair is naturally flat, so having curls makes me so happy.”

14. “Been wanting a shaved head since high school and finally made the jump at 26.”

Bonus: “All 2019. It’s been a wild ride!”

Have you ever made a huge change in your style? What experiments have you tried?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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girl in the no. 9 is so cute with that haircut!

p. s. I think woman in the no. 16 is more pretier with short hair?


All woman are pretty awesome irrespective of thier shape, size , colour etc. of their hair


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