18 People Who Accidentally Ran Into Animals and Were Immediately Awe-Struck

3 years ago

No matter how much we consider ourselves to be people of technology, deep in our soul, each of us strives to spend time with mother nature. We bet each of you would get super excited if a kitten rubbed against your feet on the street, if a butterfly landed on your shoulder, or if a squirrel asked you for some nuts.

Occasionally, we at Bright Side also feel like the inquisitive kids we once were in childhood. And the characters in our article felt the same way and also managed to capture their unexpected meetings with animals on camera.

“I woke up in my tent in a campsite in the middle of the night. I felt some weight on my legs and got scared, which is why I carefully took a photo with my smartphone camera to learn what was there, and this is what I saw.”

“I found 5 newborn blue-tongued skinks under a pile of shoes.”

“Excellent service from this Shell gas station!”

Make sure to keep the windows closed or you might have unexpected guests...

“I returned to work from lunch and there was a visitor sleeping on my desk.”

"What curious things have you come across on the subway?

“This chipmunk came and sat in the chair on my front porch to eat his acorn.”

“Came across an owl on the bus.”

“People complain about kids kicking or crying — this dude on my flight wouldn’t stop licking me.”

“The sweetest stray kitty came to sit on my lap, and here’s me, being VERY happy about it.”

“This squirrel was begging me for food at the Grand Canyon.”

“Today, a stray dog let herself in my house and crawled in the tub while I was showering. Needless to say, I now have a new roommate.”

“We found this tiny guy at 2 AM on our doorstep and took him in.”

“I was walking around the city and saw this...”

“I got a high five (well, 4, actually) from this super tiny frog today.”

“I found this tiny tortoise on the road.”

“A hummingbird crashed into our window and then let my sister hold it until it felt better.”

“I was walking on the street and this dog decided to look right into my soul.”

What unusual yet nice meetings with animals have you experienced?

Preview photo credit awesome_hnysk / twitter


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