18 People Who Were Bold Enough to Make Huge Changes to Their Lives

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It’s human nature to be able to get used to anything and at the same time be afraid of change. The people from this compilation realized that changes don’t happen on their own and they managed to find the power to quit a job they hated, get the body they wanted, or get a haircut for the first time in 17 years.

We at Bright Side hope that the stories of people from this compilation will be a good example for others who want something different, but are afraid.

1. “I don’t have use of my hands so I paint with my mouth. This was my first oil and animal painting.”

2. “I have a year of sobriety today for very first time in my life!”

3. “13 years ago, I started medical school. I walked out today a heart and lung surgeon. Today, I am happy!”

4. “3 years ago, I had my first solo gig, where there were 5 people in the audience and I was nervous as hell. Last night, I played a gig in front of over 1,000 people and loved every single second.”

5. “I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old and have always been severely near-sighted. I just got laser eye surgery and now have 20/20 vision. I cried the first time I realized I could see all the leaves in the trees without my glasses. It’s a good day.”

6. “4 years ago my brother and I decided to follow our passion and start a furniture company. Last month we won our first award! It’s not much but we are super excited!!”

7. “I said yesterday I would make my apartment livable again and I did it! Bye-bye, depression.”

8. “My super awesome dad just got his Ph.D. (the first doctor in the family, grew up dirt poor) and I’m so proud of him I just had to tell someone. Seriously Pops, you are, by far, the man I respect the most.”

9. “After 32 long years of dreaming, I finally rescued my first pup. Meet Honey.”

10. “After a year of living on the streets, Phil has landed a job at McDonald’s — thanks in part to the Tallahassee police officer who gave him a shave and fresh clothes before his interview.”

11. “My first haircut in 17 years!”

12. “My father, after losing both of his legs in 2018, walked again in 2019.”

13. “I’m active! I eat around 1,600 calories a day on a diet. I do cardio and weight training. Whatever you set your mind to you can achieve and I promise you that!”

14. “Feeling like a brand new lady 3 weeks post-op!”

15. “I left an abusive marriage with a 6-month-old baby, moved in with my parents, and worked to establish myself as an artist. Now my son is 8, I’m doing what I love, and today we moved into our first house together. Just us, conquering the world.”

16. This girl lost 150 lb in 3 years. Start now, don’t wait any longer.

17. “I was sick of everything about 6 months ago and decided to drop it all and build a tiny home. After some headaches and heartaches, I’m finally almost finished! I proudly present to you my cozy casa.”

18. He decided he wanted to lose weight and his friend made sure he was there every day to help him. Not there yet, but he’s closer than he was yesterday.

Is there something about your life that you would like to change?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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after ages of depression and addiction to all kinds of wrong deeds, after years and years of being lost and tons of broken dreams, I finally stopped addiction and started all over again, clean and hopeful, believing it's never too late and i'am thankful to God He gave me lots of chances and endless opportunities.. I'am a new ME.
I have had a really long hair all my life and was always scared to cut them. But the time came and I decided to make this step.. Guys, nothing feels better :)
I love my hair now.
Maybe it's a bit ordinary story and for many people getting a new hairstyle is nothing, but for me it was a big step
Inspiring :)
I can relate to this near-sighted guy. I'm near-sighted too and I have always been scared of doctors. I hadn't changed my eye glasses for a long time because of fear and they were not suitablr for my eyes anymore for many years already. But last year I finally decided to fight this fear and went to the doctor. She checked me and I finally got my new glasses. It cost me tears and nerves but I can see so good now, it feels like a new life :)

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