18 People Whose Ordinary Day Took a Fascinating Turn

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Experts are inclined to believe that our sense of wonder is vital for our mental well-being. Appreciating the world and the resources around us could help us feel more present and connected to our environment. Plus, running into interesting sights definitely spices up our day, and it could help make our lives more exciting.

And since our sense of wonder can be triggered by many things — from nature to curious items — Bright Side picked out 18 examples of amusing encounters that could spark that feeling of awe within us.

1. “Found a Princess Diana doll from the early ’90s in the attic.”

2. “The light coming through the window made a Windows symbol on my monitor.”

3. “I saw a meteor crater from my plane seat!”

4. “There’s a dried flower in this 165-year-old Latin book I found in our attic.”

5. “I saw this weird cloud while running.”

  • “This is the contrail of a SpaceX liftoff — small ice crystals really really high in the atmosphere.” rryland / Reddit

6. “A pigeon flew right past my phone while I was taking a photo.”

7. “My wallet came with this fake driver’s license for a literal bird.”

8. “This baby corn growing inside the husk of the normal corn”

9. “The more the number goes up, the more tree sap is collected on top of our mailboxes.”

10. “The dishes my grandparents left me still have the customs declaration from 1969.”

11. “My kids busted a Magic 8 ball open while I was working, and I was surprised to see it has 20 sides!”

12. “This skunk car I saw in Oakland, California”

13. “I saw a green bee on my walk yesterday!”

14. “The shadow on the scaffolding looks like the Titanic sinking.”

15. “I found this painting in a tree last winter.”

16. “Found a strawberry that has 8 mini-strawberries”

17. “I saw the end of the rainbow today.”

18. “I saw a gull standing on top of another gull.”

What would you consider to be your most amusing find? Do you have a photo of it? Share the picture and the story behind it in our comment section.


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