18 Photos of Italy That Will Make You Exclaim, “Mamma Mia!”

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Just like any other country, Italy has its own unique charm. The ever-present Renaissance spirit, picturesque landscapes, and pasta are just a small part of the everyday life of many Italians. We’ve put together some photos which capture the brightest moments of life in this sunny country.

1. “I recently moved in together with my Italian girlfriend. We haven’t yet used the drying rack as intended.”

2. “What do these wreaths mean? I’ve seen people wearing them all over Italy.”

  • Someone who gets a university degree in Italy is called “laureato” which literally means “crowned with laurel.” It derives from the ancient Roman custom of giving a laurel crown to poets seen as worthy of praise by the emperor. © klauskinki / Reddit

3. “Please tell me this isn’t what I think it is. I just found it in our garage in Northern Italy.”

4. Delivery service in Venice has its own unique charm.

5. “Some places in Italy offer a straw made out of pasta in order to avoid wasting more plastic.”

6. There’s an underwater church in Italy.

7. “Minimalistic landscape with a single tree on the top of a hill caught my eye in Tuscany.”

8. “I came across this extra security gate in Italy. There was a sign at a distance which roughly translated as ’No trespassing.’”

9. “This dog with a watch in Italy”

10. An abandoned church in Italy

11. “This building in Turin is called the ‘polenta slice.’ People live in there too!”

12. Where else can you find a balcony in the shape of a glass?

13. “A Renaissance sculpture in a cheap clothing shop, Genova, Italy”

14. This food market in Italy looks like a painting.

15. “A supermarket in Italy sells just the chocolate ends of Cornettos (the best bit).”

16. Just people playing chess

17. “Lonely plant growing in the tiny spot of light in a street in Italy”

18. “This weirdly shaped toilet seems fairly commonplace in Italy.”

Preview photo credit Tommybyte / Reddit


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