14 Fashion Tips That Make Italian Women So Attractive

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3 years ago

Many people consider France to be a true trendsetter of style, but the status of the world capital of fashion rightfully belongs to the Italian city of Milan. Italians, in general, are well versed in fashion trends and know just how to create bright and unique looks. As a rule, Italian women focus on femininity and pay lots of attention to detail and fabulous accessories.

At Bright Side, we decided to figure out what Italian style is all about and what tricks help local women look so stunning.

1. Italian women are not afraid to wear many rings at once.

Many women love jewelry, but Italian women wear it in a very special way. If other fashionistas are afraid to overload their look with unnecessary accessories, in Italy, you can often see many mix-matched rings on ladies’ hands. However, what may seem like a weird variety at first, proves to be a great example of the Baroque style upon closer inspection.

Local women know how to combine inexpensive jewelry and luxurious vintage rings with precious stones. It looks both casual and original. The only advice to those who dare to hold such an experiment is that all accessories should be made of metal of the same color. This means that you can combine silver rings with items made of white gold or platinum. Although there are always exceptions to each rule.

2. You can never have too many bracelets either.

Apart from rings, Italian women love bracelets. Perhaps this love of many layers of jewelry on their hands is caused by the fact that Italians are emotional and use a lot of gestures that attract attention to these body parts. Therefore, a lot of bracelets are an important attribute of Italian fashionistas. These accessories also come in a variety of shapes, textures, and prices, and Italian women know how to combine them in the most unexpected ways, like by donning Swarovski crystals and black leather on the same hand.

3. Sunglasses are an important accessory.

In Italy, sunglasses are not just a functional item but an important detail of the look as well. As a rule, a true fashionista will have a few different types of sunglasses, ranging from classic to extravagant. With the help of glasses, you can both complement your outfit and make it brighter. Just remember that good sunglasses don’t have to be expensive.

4. Black is the main color.

Despite the warm climate, Italians really like to wear black clothes at any time of the year. First of all, it’s practical. And in addition to that, the color makes the body look slimmer, and black clothing looks more elegant. So here’s a tip from Italian women — if you want to look spectacular, even in hot weather, feel free to wear a black cotton dress.

5. Italian women take care of the skin on their legs and arms.

An important detail of a well-groomed Italian woman is the skin on her legs and arms. Since many of the local women have dark hair by nature, they pay special attention to depilation. One method of removing unnecessary body hair is waxing. This procedure removes not just hair but also dead skin cells. As a result, the legs and arms look very smooth and well-groomed.

6. Hair is the pride and joy of any Italian woman.

Italian women usually have thick and rather hard hair. This means that ladies can do almost any form of styling, from hot styling or even a perm — their hair simply doesn’t get as damaged.

7. Skinny jeans are always trendy in Italy.

As we mentioned above, Italian women love to emphasize their figure. So while women in the rest of the world wore more trendy boyfriend jeans or mom jeans, Italian fashionistas continued to wear skinny jeans. The main rule of an Italian woman is to not strictly follow fashion trends, but rather, to choose a style that suits her.

8. A basic wardrobe is a great investment.

Italian women know how to look stylish without putting forth much effort. All you need to do is buy a nice white blouse or T-shirt, some well-fitted jeans, and a classic black leather jacket. If you look at the street photos of local women, it may seem like they’re dressed in the same clothes in different seasons. The main thing here is that clothes should be of high quality and fit well. Quality is more important than quantity in their opinion.

9. Italian women pay great attention to their shoes.

Italian women will never choose boring shoes or ballet flats — they prefer a rich texture. They like when their shoes are decorated with feathers, crystals, or rhinestones. And it looks really impressive under the bright sun. Also, local fashionistas are very fond of masculine shoes. By the way, rough boots perfectly underline the elegance of female legs, and Italian women choose these types of shoes regardless of their age. So you can see sneakers or soldier boots on both teenage girls and venerable ladies.

10. Women in Italy wear high boots without tights.

We’re accustomed to wearing high boots only during colder seasons, and with a coat. Italian women think differently. In cold weather, you will rarely see local women wearing high boots because they prefer to wear socks under boots instead of tights so that their legs remain bare, and their knees, visible. Their regular outfit consists of a short dress or skirt and high boots.

11. Italian women never forget to emphasize their waist with a belt.

The belt is a very important wardrobe accessory for local women, as it instantly creates a slim and elegant silhouette. The belt can be wide, narrow, functional, or purely decorative. Italian women always complement their outfits with a belt, whether it be a classic dress or palazzo pants.

12. A trench coat is the best clothing item for cool weather.

An irreplaceable item in an Italian woman’s wardrobe is a classic, elongated trench coat of neutral hues. It goes well with skirts, dresses, and jeans. Additionally, it can be complemented by any type of footwear, from sneakers to pumps. This is a great example of clothing that will serve you for many years and will never lose its relevance. Moreover, you can find a nice trench coat in almost any price range.

13. It’s totally fine to carry a few bags.

A handbag plays an important role in the wardrobes of Italian fashionistas. For everyday life, they often choose cross-body bags that can also be worn on one shoulder. As for the accessories, you can opt for a chain strap. An unusual feature is the combination of several bags worn at the same time. An Italian woman may hold a small purse or clutch in one hand and a shopper bag in the other. It’s very convenient and practical.

14. They wear a hat in any season.

This is a popular and stylish accessory that can complement almost any look. Of course, wide-brimmed hats are relevant in many countries in warm weather, but Italian women wear them regardless of the season. Besides, they can wear rather thick, woolen hats even in summer and combine them with dresses.

Do you agree that Italian women have their own special style? Which of their fashion trends would you follow? Tell us in the comments below.


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I can not agree with this article or I am Italian cause that is exactly my style but I was born in Poland...


Granted for sure, the author has never seen any italian women. They are mostly unelegant and uneducated southerners.


Really great content to follow up for fashion bloggers #storyvogue#women fashion blog,women fashion blog


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