18 Photos That Can Give You a Peek at How Ordinary Girls Make Themselves Up

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3 years ago

Each girl has her own relationship with cosmetics. Some prefer to use the services of professional makeup artists while others aren’t afraid to experiment — they try new colors and master various methods of applying lipstick, mascara, and blush. And you know what? We think the result is worth doing it.

The female half of Bright Side editorial feels close to the topic of beauty. The bonus at the end of this article will show you that no one has to limit themselves to just one color palette that cosmetic brands offer.

“Getting married in an hour, did my own makeup!”

“A night shifter’s 10-minute no-makeup to makeup look!”

“I promised my tech I’d do my makeup to match my nails before my next appointment...”

“Here it is — no makeup-makeup!”

“Whenever I wear red lips, it’s a holiday look.”

“Here’s how my before and after look.”

“I was inspired by my hanging plant for this makeup look.”

“Makeup takes away my nervous energy and brings about confidence in me.”

“I love soft nude-pink looks in the winter.”

“Trying a bold lip and winged liner with my new haircut.”

2 very different vintage-inspired looks

“I only used drugstore cosmetics.”

“First time doing all yellow eyes. Would you wear all yellow? Definitely outside my comfort zone!”

“When the craft store has a deal on Swarovski crystals...”

Almost the real Snow White!

“I did my friend’s makeup.”

“Did a super flushed look today with faux freckles.”

“First time using a white base for a brighter color. It was ridiculous but it worked!”

Bonus: “Blended 4 lipsticks I hate and got 1 that I love.”

Do you like to experiment with makeup? Or do you prefer to go makeup-free?

Preview photo credit steenah_b / reddit


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omg, I'd never thought that some of them had their makeup on.. they look so natural 😱


I love the winter eye look, and most of all, they all look so pretty!!! without a makeup artist!!!!! wow totally cool


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