18 Photos That Show Nature Always Has Something Astonishing in Store for You

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It’s time for little surprises and opportunity to see a shell that looks like a coconut. Mother Earth always keeps something noteworthy for us in case we get bored. Just allow yourself to relax and look around to find the real art in nature.

1. “My brother dropped a watermelon and there was a tongue inside.”

2. “This mussel-covered shoe washed up on the beach.”

3. A boat sank in this lake.

4. “My fridge was too cold and froze all the water in this carrot.”

5. “This shell I found looks just like a coconut.”

6. Corgi and a mushroom

7. “This lime grew from my tree.”

8. “An ice formation was created as the river level dropped.”

9. “The way this tree grew into a fence and then rotted away”

10. “The way this horse’s fur flattens when I pet her”

11. “The way these ants corralled around a drop of sugar water”

12. “This branch that grew around a golf ball”

13. “We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.”

14. “Nature has spotted my dog.”

15. “This turtle shell I found”

16. “I put dying broccoli in some water. It sprouted roots and started flowering!”

17. “The way rain carved out the sand around this ball and ’elevated’ it”

18. “This statue looks like it’s crying when it rains.”

Which pic impressed you the most? How often do you spend time in nature?

Preview photo credit emlas1 / Reddit, GammyWrist / Reddit


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