18 Photos That’ll Truly Mess With Our Minds

3 years ago

Our eyes allow us to see everything around us, but they can also be fooled into showing us something that doesn’t really exist. It’s not that our sight makes stuff up. In association with our brain, it’s capable of looking further and perceiving little details that aren’t really there, like faces, unusual animals, or landscapes, among other things. Sometimes, a second look is all we need to clear our confusion, but it also happens that we just accept what our vision offers.

Numerous users come across objects or natural scenes that create the impression of being something very different, so Bright Side picked the tricky ones to show that appearances can sometimes be really funny.

1. “Tiny horses on a fence”

2. “My dog likes to sit here, but he isn’t right now”

3. “Camouflage leggings doing their job”

4. “That is a really small shower”

5. “Is it a wall or the truck’s container?”

6. “Roasting my hot dog over an open flame”

7. “At first I thought my friend’s dog’s nostril was his eye.”

8. “Guinea pig’s muzzle look like a mandrill’s face”

9. “When you forget how cat anatomy works”

10. “This imported salmon is so tightly wrapped in plastic it appears to not be wrapped at all.”

11. “I dropped some coffee and it looks like a bird.”

12. “My chicken looks like a chicken.”

13. “The shadow of my chimney makes me look like Lord Farquad (Shrek).”

14. “This piece of ginger looks like a rabbit.”

15. “The paint in my paint tray looks like a crow.”

16. “The way this dog is laying makes it look like a baby elephant.”

17. “Succulent”

18. “Real-life centaur”

Have you ever come across something that wasn’t really what it seemed to be? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

Preview photo credit sayersmo / Reddit


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it took me quite some time to find the shower on the photo lol


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