18 Pictures Proving That Every Wedding Is a Small Rehearsal of the Future Life Together

3 years ago

wedding is such an exciting and responsible event in our lives, that everyone wants the celebration to be perfect. But even if everything is thought through to the smallest detail, there will still be some mix-ups: the photographer will fall into the fountain at the most crucial moment, or some relative will say something controversial in their toast.

Bright Side suggests that you take a look at some funny examples of wedding turmoil that show why you should not take it all too seriously.

When her facial expression speaks for itself:

I wonder how this story ended for him.

Who knows, maybe she did mean to say that.

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit:

One bride was probably enough for this photo session.

A good story for a great melodrama

“My friends and I were having so much fun at a wedding we became a stock photo.”

How far girls will go to show off their new engagement ring:

Looks like this is their dream wedding.

Sometimes our grandmothers just know.

“My wife just passed out at our wedding.”

When joy clouds the mind:

It was a truly memorable event, and not just for the newlyweds.

That’s one way to see if he really wants to get married.

I wonder where the groom is that was supposed to be in that church at that time?

And instead of the Mendelssohn March they played the Imperial March.

Good thing he didn’t forget his daughter’s name too.

When they tell you to wear a costume, this is probably not what they meant:

What memorable wedding stories have happened to you?

Preview photo credit ARGOchain / pikabu


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