18 Stirring Photos That Show What Love Was Like in the Past

4 years ago

People in love are similar no matter the time period. But the 20th century was so hard that people had to overcome hundreds of obstacles, they had to learn to wait, hope, and believe.

We at Bright Side think that in the past, people used to love each other in a different way, so we decided to show you these photos to prove it.

1. New Hope train station, 1945

2. Last kiss

3. Hello, love!

4. A kiss between a sailor and a nurse in Times Square

5. American soldiers getting a last kiss from the ship before their deployment to Egypt, 1963

6. This kiss interrupted a march, 1943

7. Beth Brown and Marine Corporal Travis Taylor kissing goodbye at the train depot in Tallahassee, Florida

8. Young couple chalking hearts onto a tree, 1944

9. Man and woman kissing across 2 vessels, 1920-1939

10. Sneaking a kiss through the Berlin Wall, 1980s

11. A French woman kisses an American soldier after the liberation of Paris.

12. Young couple kissing while sitting on a fence

13. An unidentified RAN crewman bending down to kiss an unidentified woman, 1941

14. Farewell kiss

15. An extreme kiss

16. Happy couple, 1949

17. Love on the shore

18. Home for the holidays

Which of these photos seemed the most moving to you? Tell us in the comment section below.


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