18 Times People Spotted Unusual Things Among the Routine

2 years ago

When you start to feel that life is getting boring, just go outside and take a look around. There’s a big chance that there will be something you didn’t notice before. This world is full of pleasant and amusing things that can simply rebuild your routine.

We at Bright Side are trying, together with you, to find unusual things that adorn the world, and we’re sharing 18 of them today.

1. “This Princess Leia fire hydrant I saw today”

2. “I saw a ton of ladybugs on a wooden post while walking.”

3. “This huge, ancient ergonomic mouse I found at my parents-in-law’s house. Normal mouse for scale.”

4. “This snowman’s legs”

5. “The way this tree I found on a walk has grown around a drainage pipe”

6. “I saw a squirrel eating a strawberry off a fork on my way to class.”

7. “This almost perfectly square chip I found in the bag”

8. A wrought iron car

9. “I broke a yard decoration that was shaped like 2 frogs and found a pig playing the guitar inside of it.”

10. “A sleepy barn owl finds camouflage on my back porch.”

11. “This golf ball inside a log I found”

12. “I found a single piece of bicycle-shaped pasta in my penne.”

13. “I found a very small frog.”

14. “This lady has an unusually-shaped hat.”

15. “My moisturizer looks like an old man’s face.”

16. “A toothbrush I left in vinegar used for cleaning for a few months.”

17. “This bathroom has a small door for kids built into a regular-sized door.”

18. “This tiny banana I harvested today”

How was your day today? How often do you look around and notice unusual things?


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