18 Urban Designs That Can Change Every City for the Better

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If you’ve ever had trouble carrying your bike upstairs, you’ll surely love a nifty conveyor belt that makes it a breeze. And if you’re tired of the same old streets and buildings, some places understand our desire for a splash of color in our lives.

1. “Certain subways in Japan give a helping hand with your bike.”

2. The speed camera lottery in Stockholm. If you keep to a speed limit, you enter a lottery where the prize is funded by fines from those who don’t follow the traffic rules.

3. These gardens in between the floors of this building:

4. An anti-pollution sign by a lake in Evergreen, Colorado

The text says: “Evergreen Lake is the source of Evergreen’s drinking water. Let’s keep it clean!’”

5. “These miniature gardens used to be car parking spaces. The city reclaimed them and replanted them with fruit trees, and flowering shrubs.”

6. “These roll out mats they use to help those who struggle to walk over the dunes to the beach”

7. “A sign with a map of house numbers and streets”

8. “This wheelchair accessible park bench:”

9. This vertical bike storage:

10. This traffic light with a mirror allows the drivers to see the pedestrians and cyclists that are in their blind spots.

11. “If you’re elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time (Singapore).”

12. These pavement tiles that produce electricity as you walk on them:

13. A beach shower seat for old people and children:

14. “My city has a bike fixing station in the middle of their bike path.”

15. “Saw these meters painted to look like a bad guy in an alley near my apartment.”

16. These bike boxes allow people who don’t have space to stock their bike(s) to park them there for 50€ per year.

17. “This traffic light button has the layout of the road ahead for blind people.”

18. And these cool designs that make ordinary things look more fun!

Which picture is your favorite? Do you have any cool designs in your city? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Any and all of these things would be a fantastic addition to any city or community.


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