19 Animals Who Can’t Live a Minute Without Their Owners

3 years ago

Cooking, bathing, and simply lying on the couch becomes 100 times more fun when you do it with your pet. Even if you don’t ask for their help or you want to spend time alone, they are always there to support you and pamper you with their attention. Each minute together, each minute in love.

We at Bright Side are sure that our beloved pets give us the purest love. We’re not far behind them either and our bonus proves it.

1. “Are you done with work? Ok, time to pet me.”

2. “This is my cat making sure I don’t leave every time I go out on the porch.”

3. “I think Milo may be ready for a walk.”

4. “When I move him, he complains until he’s in the same spot again.”

5. “Whenever our daughter went outside, her pet chicken would rush over to greet her at the door, and follow her around for hours.”

6. “Seems like I’m not allowed to use the toilet alone.”

7. “7 years ago, I had to hide Carl Poppa upstairs because my dad didn’t want a cat. Now, they’re best buds.”

8. “Forever thankful to the 2 families who thought this Doberman was too much to handle.”

9. “Milly is so good about helping me eat breakfast.”

10. “The turkey I saved from Thanksgiving. His name is Fred.”

11. “I’ve been away for 2 and 1/2 months and I was worried my little rescue wouldn’t miss me much.”

12. “He insists on making sure Mom doesn’t drown.”

13. “I literally just wanted to sit here and look at my phone.”

14. “The reason I can’t get anything done!”

15. “Dale found out he could climb on my back/shoulders and that I wouldn’t bother him, so now he climbs up there right away when I’m on the porch.”

16. “Sewing, emptying the dishwasher, making the bed, or making my morning cup of tea — Milly is always willing to help.”

17. “My SO finally allowed our pup to sleep in the bed. I don’t think I’ll ever get my half of the bed back.”

18. “What my family sees vs What I see first thing when I wake up every day”

19. So small, they fit in the hood.

Bonus: People can’t leave their pets for a minute either.

“He was very worried about her after surgery.”

Do you have pets? How much time do you spend with them? You can share photos of the 2 of you together in the comments.

Preview photo credit unknown / Reddit


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