19 Celebrities Who Look So Young and Fresh Without Makeup, We Want to See More Photos Like These

4 years ago

Photo editors, filters, and bright makeup are all important attributes of every celebrity photo in social media; while selfies at home without any makeup are a luxury only the bravest celebrities can afford.

We at Bright Side have discovered how many brave celebrities are there in show business today and are ready to share the results of our Instagram search with you. These 19 beauties weren’t scared to show their natural beauty and as a result, got thousands of likes and compliments from their followers.

Eva Longoria

Lena Headey


Bianca Balti

Natalie Portman

Mischa Barton

Eva Green

Zoë Kravitz

Miley Cyrus

Margot Robbie

Bar Refaeli

Ellie Goulding

Kelly Osbourne

Victoria Beckham

Taylor Swift

Katy Perry

Gwen Stefani

Halle Berry


Do you find these celebrities more attractive with or without makeup? We’d be happy to hear from you in the comments!


Some of them are recognizable without make-up, some of them, Like Pink, I personally would never recognize without this scenic "camouflage":D
Margot Robbie is my favorite female actress, she looks so stunning without make-up :)
Wow Do they even realize that they look way younger without all that stage makeup.
The makeup adds 10 years on them. They need to hire different makeup artist to make them up.
There's definitely something wrong with the present artist.

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