19 Designers Who Transformed Ordinary Things So Brilliantly, We Want to Applaud Them

4 years ago

It might seem like everything in the world has already been invented and there is no room for improvement. But designers can still amaze us by making the ordinary things we know, better or more comfortable. Thanks to these creative upgrades, our lives become easier and much nicer. For example, you don’t need to tape the web camera on your laptop and if your phone battery dies while you’re taking a walk, you can just find and use a special bench.

Bright Side has collected 19 normal things that designers improved and turned into masterpieces.

1. This double sink can be used by adults for washing feet and legs or by children who can’t reach the regular sink.

2. In big supermarkets in Israel, there are carts that you can use to charge your phone.

3. This train has an information screen that shows how full each car is.

4. This Japanese toilet refills through a sink at the top so you can rinse your hands and re-use the water.

5. Slides on stairs

6. This elevator shows how close to capacity it is based on the weight of the riders.

7. It’s a condiment packet that dispenses ketchup AND mustard at the same time!

8. A cool invention for washing dishes fast

9. Dual paint roller

10. A transparent faucet makes a vortex.

11. “The clock in my hotel room has a second display on the side.”

12. This work laptop has a webcam cover.

13. The lines in this parking lot extend up into the barrier.

14. This microwave has a beeper volume control.

15. This soap holder allows excess soap water to drain back into the sink.

16. This university printer rotates each separate document to avoid confusing multiple students work.

17. This basin combined the soap, water, & hand dryer into a satisfying bento box sink.

18. This bench has Wi-Fi, power outlets, and a solar battery.

19. Page holder

Have you ever seen any of these inventions? Or maybe you have seen something even more genius?

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