19 Girls That Go Crazy Trying to Take a Perfect Photo and You’ll Understand Why

3 years ago

Each Instagram picture can hide a hilarious story behind it. A perfect photo will never show what was really going on backstage and how much effort it took to get a shot to share with the world. By the way, it’s the same with selfies.

Bright Side has found 19 girls who aren’t afraid to show everything behind the scenes of their gorgeous shots.

19. “How invested are you in your Instagram selfies?”

18. Looking for a perfect angle is time consuming but it’s worth it.

17. What people around see vs What followers see

16. And this is just her brother. What’s going to happen with her husband?

15. Sometimes it’s not that glamorous.

14. This type of friendship: Make sure she looks gorgeous.

13. Trying to find an interesting angle

12. How many people have to lie down to satisfy these girls?

11. Well, one more person at least.

10. Team work

9. Lighting is the main thing.

8. And don’t forget to look as sexy as possible.

7. “I don’t mean to brag but my boyfriend should get an award for this.”

6. When the whole team deserves an award:

5. You can take a great photo without leaving your kitchen. You just have to use your imagination.

4. God, watch over these friends.

3. “The lightening is actually made by my pink thong. That’s how invested I am.”

2. No matter where you are, create some drama.

1. A friend, bokeh, and a flower shop. Now you know what to do!

How do your photos look? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit JoHerrstedt / twitter


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