19 Ideas From the True Villains of the Marketing World

4 years ago

The variety of products and services in the modern world is huge. And manufacturers are ready for all kinds of tricks to attract customers. So, we have to be more careful in order to not fall for one of these tricks. For example, you might buy a fake eco-friendly pen and not see that there is very little product behind the impressive package.

Bright Side doesn’t like all the tricks that make us pay more money than we should, so we have prepared this compilation to prepare you.

1. This “dual” camera smart phone doesn’t have 2 functioning cameras.

2. “My sister got this for her birthday.”

3. Standing seats for budget flyers

4. “I can’t buy single-use plastic bags at the supermarket anymore, but companies get away with stuff like this.”

5. Not a very nutritious sandwich...

6. “My phone puts watermarks on my photos.”

7. “Bought this for my 3-year-old. ‘THE CLAW’ is a print out.”

8. “Making all this jewelry will take me hou... minutes.”

9. “I was wondering why my hand instantly hit the bottom when I opened it”

10. Box full of Turkish Delight

11. One of the blocks isn’t one of the blocks...

12. “I don’t think you get a fourth of what appears on the box.”

13. “A lot” of chocolate in this ice cream sandwich

14. Tilted benches in a food court, so customers will leave sooner

15. Empty ice cream

16. Brand new protein powder, not even filled halfway

17. This “environmentally friendly” pen

18. “I want my money back.”

19. “Tricked by the packaging of my moisturizing cream”

Have you fallen for these tricks? Maybe you have some photos of your examples?

Preview photo credit Lillian__0314 / reddit


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These tilted tables are probably hell to sit on. who would want to eat here?


This kind of stuff should not be allowed.. how do they get away with these tricks? ?


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